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Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Performer, Orchestrator & Educator



"Clash Collaboration pushes us outside of our known spheres and forces us into new and unexplored territories of sonic hybridity and fractured identity."

Thesis J. Irish Submitted December 2020

After receiving much acclaim within the world of Classical music, including 2 music scholarships for violin performance, Jessica Arlo Irish decided to pursue her passion for music production, composition and songwriting. With her unique talent to play a number of instruments (specialising in violin and viola) combined with her natural gift for improvisation and composition, she has gone on to release internationally acclaimed and award winning solo projects as well as working for professional labels, bands and solo artists from both Australia and abroad (see below for a full list of awards). Jessica specialises in work with strings across all genres, stretching traditional boundaries into a new, fractured hybridity with her unique electro-acoustic combinations. Whilst pursuing her passion for composing for film, television and games, Jessica completed her Doctor of Creative Arts in 2020 and her Advance-HE Fellowship in 2021, and works as a part time Lecturer/Tutor at Western Sydney University. She is also currently completing a Composers Residency for June 2021 at Church Street Studios in Sydney



  • Semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2014 (NASHVILLE) for track, Here

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for Los Angeles New Wave International 
    Film Festival 2015

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for Los Angeles Cinéfest 2015

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for New Film Makers New York Festival 2015
    held at Anthology Archives NYC

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for Underground Film Festival 2015 (MUNICH)

  • Soldiers Music Video selected for Biennial Edition of CinéWomen Magazine 2015

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for the 6th Annual ITSA Film Festival 2015 (SONORA, CALIFORNIA)

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for NYC Independent Film Festival 2015

  • Soldiers Selected for 2015 International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (LOS ANGELES)

  • Soldiers Music Video wins Best Music Video at the APEX Film Festival (ROCHESTER, MN, USA)

  • Soldiers Music Video receives Special Mention at I Filmaker International Film Festival 2015 (MARBELLA, SPAIN)

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for Williamsburg International Film Festival 2015

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for Salento International Film Festival 2015

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for Guam Film Festival 2015

  • Semifinalist in the Unsigned Only Competition 2015 (NASHVILLE) for 2 tracks in 5 different Categories 

  • Soldiers Music Video makes Semifinals in the Video Performance Category of the Unsigned Only Competition 2015 (NASHVILLE).

  • Finalist in the Unsigned Only Competition 2015 for track, Raw

  • Soldiers Music Video makes Finals in the Video Performance Category for the Unsigned Only Competition 2015 (NASHVILLE)

  • Overall Honorable Mention in the Unsigned Only Competition 2015 (NASHVILLE)

  • Soldiers Music Video receives Award of Excellence at International Film 
    Festival of Cinematic Arts 2015 (LOS ANGELES)

  • Soldiers Music Video Selected for Seeyousound International Music Festival 2016 (TURIN, ITALY)

  • Alive awarded Third Place by the Songwriter’s Association of Washington (DC) in the Adult Contemporary Section of their 32nd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest 2016

  • Alive Music Video selected for New York City Independent Film Festival 2016

  • Semifinalist in the Unsigned Only Competition 2016 (NASHVILLE) for 3 tracks in 2 different categories

  • Finalist in the Unsigned Only Competition 2016 (NASHVILLE) in the Screenshot category

  • Alive Music Video makes Official Selection for New Filmmakers New York 2016

  • Alive Music Video is a semifinalist in the Cine Pobre Film Festival 2016 (MEXICO)

  • Honourable Mention Award in the Unsigned Only Competition 2016 (NASHVILLE) for instrumental track, Ireland Meets Tibet 

  • Alive Music Video official selection for Byron Bay Film Festival 2016

  • Alive Music Video official selection for LA Femme International Film Festival 2016 (LOS ANGELES)

  • Alive Music Video is finalist in the Byron Bay International Film Festival APRA AMCOS Music Video Awards

  • Here Music Video is a finalist in the Made in Melbourne Film Festival 2016

  • Here Music Video wins Best Music Video at Made in Melbourne Film Festival 2016

  • Semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2016 (NASHVILLE) in 2 categories; World Music & Music Video

  • Here Music Video makes quarterfinals at the International Music Video Underground 2017 (PARIS) for both Best Music Video & Best Director

  • Semifinalist in the  International Songwriting Competition 2016 (NASHVILLE) for Soldiers in the Screenshot Category

  • Unreleased Track & Music Video, Secrets, is a winner in the UK International Songwriting Competition 2017 for Best Music Video, along with 4 Higher Commended Awards for the track, 2 Semifinalist positions for her previously released music videos, Soldiers & Alive, and a special mention for her previously released music video, Here.

  • Semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2017 (Nashville) for Secrets (unreleased) in both the Music Video and Unpublished categories

  • 2nd Place in Music Video Category in the International Songwriting Competition 2017 (Nashville) for Secrets (unreleased) in the Music Video category

  • Secrets Music Video screened at Canberra Short Film Festival 2018

  • Honourable Mention in the International Songwriting Competition 2018 (Nashville) for Secrets in the Music Video Category 

  • Finalist x 3 in the Unsigned Only Competition 2019 (Nashville) for You Don't Owe Me (No More)

  • Honourable Mention in the Unsigned Only Competition 2019 (Nashville) for You Don't Owe Me (No More)

  • Semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2020 (Nashville) for 숨 (feat. Sihyun Park) - awaiting finals announcement

  • Unreleased Film Tacit: Directed: Clare Conway - Composed: Jessica Arlo Irish -  selected for Montreal Independent Film Festival (March 2021)

  • Unreleased Film Tacit: Directed: Clare Conway - Composed: Jessica Arlo Irish -  semifinalist in NewFilmmakers NY Film Festival (April 2021)

  • Finalist in the Unsigned Only Competition 2020 (Nashville) for 숨 (feat. Sihyun Park) - Winners announced September 2020



Film © Glasir Films (2020) TBR late 2021



Listen Now

Composed, Recorded, Produced & Mixed by Jessica Arlo Irish
Featuring Sihyun Park on Haegeum


"Life is alot like jazz ... it's best when you improvise."

George Gershwin

Band on Stage


For work examples or specific track enquiries, please get in contact.

Oliver Tank

  • Composed/Recorded strings for Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion- Winner of FBi Radio: Northern Lights Competition 2011 in Iceland, where he performed it at the Iceland Airwaves Festival. Track used in National Campaign for GetUp! Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TBd-UCwVAY 

  • Composed/Recorded strings in 2012 for single and album 

  • Cowrote Untold - picked up by triple j’s Home & Hosed. 

  • Specific Tracks for OT displayed below


        Different Speed (feat. Ta-Ku)
        Last Night I Heard Everything ...
        Lost feat. Fawn Myers
        Untold - Oliver Tank & Wren (Cowrite) 
        Tonight (Unreleased Dreams) 
        Stay feat. Fawn Myers 
        You Never Know feat. Hayden Calnin 
        Sound Of Silence feat. Fawn Myers 
        Past Present Future
        Beautiful feat. Fawn Myers

Something With Numbers

  • Performed electric violin with Something With Numbers at the Coaster Festival in Gosford 2011

Clare Conway (Filmmaker)

  • Directed 3 of Wren's music videos that have gone on to be featured in many international film festivals as well as winning multiple international awards (see above in Major National & International Film Screenings & Awards). 

  • Directed and produced film called Tacit (Japan) for which Irish wrote the soundtrack - to be released March 2021

Damien Leith

  • Violinist for shows/tours since 2015 including The Parting Glass, Roy Orbison, 10 Year Anniversary, Elvis, Elvis with String Quartet, Roy Orbison with String Quartet

  • Multiple TV performances on Channels 7, 9 & 10 (Sony)

  • Composed & Arranged Strings for String Quartet tours in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020

  • Violin and Viola session musician and composer


  • Guest Violinist with Band at several Festivals and performances throughout Australia

Yantra de Vilder

  • Collaborator since 2015 on multiple live and recorded projects

Holly Harrison

  • Collaborated on both live improvisations and studio recorded improvisations between 2015-2018

Joe Taranto

  • Collaborator since 2018 

Jess Starreveld

  • String Composition and Recording (2018)

Annabelle Kay 

  • String Composition and Recording (2018)

The Khanz 

  • String Composition and Recording (2018)


  • String Composition and Recording (2018)

Nat Conway

  • Orchestral Arrangement and Recording/Production (recorded at Sony Studios) of Summer To Stay


  • Performed violin at the AFTRS conference with Australian Film Composers presenting their works (2017) 

Music Aviva

  • Collaborated with Music Aviva, Opera Vita and Opera Australia’s Simon Kim for a performance at Avoca Theatre 2017

Michael McGlynn of Vienna People

  • Ongoing collaboration with Michael McGlynn of Vienna People Studios. Composing music for artists, film, television and radio advertising briefs.

The Vegetable Plot

  • String composition & recording + voice over work (2018)

Melbourne Fashion Week

  • Composed two tracks for Melbourne Fashion Week’s Instagram and Social Media Platforms for the brands Gorman & Sandro Paris (2018) 

Billy Blake

  • Composed & recorded strings for solo project (2019)

Big Up Ma Boobs

  • Voice over work for Big Up Ma Boobs; UK Breastfeeding Normalising Animation (2018) 

Mark Vincent

  • Performed on Channel 10 with Mark Vincent (Sony Australia) to promote his Eurovision Audition (2019)

Silver Party 

  • Performed at the Silver Party 2019 Charity Event to raise funds for The Children’s Hospital

Rai Thistlewaite 

  • Performed on Rai Thistlewaite’s (Thirsty Merc) new solo music video Till The Lights Come On (2019)

Ilan Kidron

  • Performed on Ilan Kidron’s (previously from The Potbelleez) new video duet of Shallow (2019)

One World One People

  • Band's Violinist

  • Performed at William Wallace Hotel (May’19)

  • Performed at The Bridge Hotel (Aug'19)

  • Performed at Lazy Bones (Aug’19)

Jessica Mauboy

  • Performed on The Voice 2019 with Jessica Mauboy (Sony)

Boy George & Diana Rouvas

  • Performed on The Voice 2019 Grand Finals in duet with Boy George and Diana Rouvas

Delta Goodrem & Daniel Shaw

  • Performed on The Voice 2019 Grand Finals in duet with Delta Goodrem and Daniel Shaw

Lisa Gerrard 

  • Performed on a track featuring vocals by Lisa Gerrard at Nylon Studios, led by Jesse Watt

One Republic

  • Performed with OneRepublic at the NRL finals 6th October 2019

Ricky Lee Coulter

  • Performed with Ricky Lee Coulter at Everest Carnival Fashion Lunch 10th October 2019 


  • Orchestrated & Recorded strings for Clews “Feel” for Sony Australia November 2019

Parkway Drive

  • Performed with Parkway Drive in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane for Good Things Festival 2019 with Luxe Strings

Delta Goodrem

  • Performed with Delta Goodrem at Fire Fight Australia 2020 hosted by Celeste Barber 

  • Performed with Delta Goodrem for Christmas Promotional Album performances on Sunrise with Luxe Strings (2020)

Lincoln Sounds

  • Performed and improvised violin and viola for a number of tracks in June and July 2020

Chris Sebastian

  • Performed violin with Chris Sebastian at The Voice Grand Finale July 2020

Guy Sebastian

  • Performed violin with Guy Sebastian at The Voice Grand Finale July 2020

Johnny Manuel 

  • Performed violin with Johnny Manuel at The Voice Grand Finale July 2020

Greenhill Novak

  • Performed violin in several promotional music videos for the company 2020


  • Composed and recorded solo violin for track (2020)

Seoul National University

  • Composed, Recorded and Produced a piece featuring Haegeum, performed by Sihyun Park (2020)

The Apprentice Australia

  • Performed violin for upcoming TV show (2021) with Luxe Strings

George Ellis

  • Performed for We Can Be Heroes: The Music of David Bowie Orchestrated at the State Theatre, Sydney (December 2020 & February 2021)

  • Performed for Bohemian Symphony: The Music of Queen Orchestrated (January 2021 & March 2021)  

  • Performed for Nothing Else Matters - The Music of Metallica Orchestrated at the State Theatre, Sydney (February 2021)


  • Composed and recorded strings for Rivers (2020) produced by Jake Arvonen

Greek Legends of the 20th Century (ENMORE)

  • Performed at Enmore for Greek Legends of the 20th Century (26 March 2021)

Alanna Vulo

  • Orchestrated acoustic version of We Fall with Adrian Breakspear (TBR 2021)


  • Orchestrated acoustic version of Feels Alright with Adrian Breakspear (TBR 2021)

Tep No

  • Composed and recorded strings for 2 of Tep No’s tracks for 2021

      Heartbeat Bangs ft. KT Tunstall

      Want It Now (Heart Is Racing)

Fisher Ghost Youth Orchestra

  • Developed and lead an improvisation masterclass for the Fisher Ghost Youth Orchestra (April 2021)

Pianos For The People

  • Performed violin for Pianos For The People in Darling Square (April 2021)



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